Honestly I think this is at the core of many of our real solutions. Somehow society and people have in mind that to succeed you must bring others down. There are predators in nature but there are countless illustrations of creatures working in harmony and not destroying eachother. If we’re so advanced a species, how is it that our global mind still bases decision on competition with our fellow people rather than support?

“The force of the atom, is insignificant compared to the explosive force of human nature. The force we need to consider is that which  brought man from the darkness of the cave, to the lights of the cathedral. It’s the energy of man’s ambition striving eternally for a place in the sun. And it must be controlled, not by international agreement, nor by legislation destroying man’s freedom; it must be controlled by the individual himself. The formula is a simple one, is man too young to practice it? It is simply: The Golden Rule.  Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”

-Massland Family