Viktor Frankl and Aiming for the True Higher Potential

After uploading the most recent podcast, I ran into this short video of Viktor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning:

Also found online here:

He speaks about aiming for your greater potential to reach one’s true possibilities. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Spark the Flame Podcast 16

This podcast ended up being over 1 hour long! Enjoy!

Sacred Path of the Shadow

I ran into this excerpt, regarding how healthy it is to explore the unknown parts of ourselves, sometimes referred to as our “shadow”.

Excerpt is by Caroline Myss, co-creator of the work “Sacred Path of the Shadow”:

A Difference in Desperation

As all types of people and texts and theories and such give advice on how to make what you want happen in Life, I find it extremely interesting how the desperation of one person “A” assures that person “A” gets what they want or need, while the desperation of person “B”ย  assures that person “B” does not get what they want or need.

What is the difference between desperation that gains and desperation that loses?

It seems to me the answer is something along these lines:

It is “color”, the tone of the desperation vibration.

Desperation that gains says: ‘I need this thing and in some way or other I am going to get it.’

Desperation that loses says: ‘I need this thing and I think I will never get it.’

A proposed working definition for Love:

Love means

“I choose you in my life,

over not having you.”

And if you need to decide between loving two things,

it is not being handled right,

because love is unconditional.

This year 2016 I have been straightedge. This means no substances, such as tobacco, alcohol or THC. I am trying to make it through the rest of this year this way, which would be a miracle for me. I dont know if I could ever believe it except for the fact that I’m actually doing it.

I still feel the pull to alcohol sometimes. When I get lonely, or am exasperated by feeling stuck, or not knowing what direction to take, or what the heck I’m doing at the moment, I can feel the pull to put it all away for a bit with a drink.

But, I cant. I cannot drink again. Any more. Ever.

Not a sip. Nothing. Nada.

Ever. Ever. Again. Never. Ever. Ever. Never.

Please help me to stay sober, today. And all todays.