Quotes In Person

“Sometimes you literally have to grab yourself by the collar and pick yourself up.

The secret is momentum. Once you start you keep going. You dont stop.”




When You Get Down, Get Up

when you get down, get up



You are a unique combination of potential. Everything is a potential, if it is a potential on the subatomic layer


You make the decision about who you’re going to be

Right there, an important decision means who you’re going to be


Remember Your Goal

Remember your Goal, and always look for,

be open to opportunities for the next step.

Activates Law of Attraction

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Faith is Your Ground

Faith is your ground.

It is what you look at.

When you are unsure,

look down

You are standing on Rock


Mistakes are an Opportunity for Unconditional Love

Using The Brain

Your Thought Vessel

These are the thoughts that appear in your awareness. They affect you greatly, how you act, how you progress. They affect your perspective, which creates the canvass for your world.

When you say “I suck at this” or “I’m not good enough”, if you feel and believe what you are saying, you brain makes it so. Your brain will work and work constantly to build you into what you wish (think), it truly is the greatest muscle.

Normal muscles go only in so many directions, but the brain can take you to anywhere you tell it to.

To improve you must remove all negative influences in your life. They each are like holes in your vessel, no matter how small, they work only to impede your progress. The strongest, quickest most reliable vessel is the one with a solid hull; stable, whole, able to master the greatest of storms encountered. Every hole will work to impede you, no matter the size or shape. You must repair each one.

No matter how big or small, all sources of negativity must be replaced with objects/sources of growth.