Sometimes I hesitate to post something from fear of being a hypocrite, or condescending, or arrogantly naive.

For instance: How do I know this something is for sure?

How can I encourage, enlighten and remind people when I so often need encouragement, enlightenment and reminding ?

Please know that I am human too. Please allow for humanity when this website is trying to help…

Thank You

I cant do anything

Yes, you can. Humans are the most intelligent species known on this planet. You are limited only by your belief that you are limited.

Human history is full of individuals and groups overcoming obstacles that were thought to be insurmountable. Anything can be overcome. Any problem, issue, or obstacle can be overcome, because we have the ability to continually improve ourself. Humans can identify an obstacle, and working together or alone, (with Faith), can use the mind to find a solution, or suitable way forward.

Every ‘issue’ or problem you encounter, you have the capability to overcome. This means that you can do anything.


The answer you want may not be the answer you receive. But you will always have a way forward, somewhere in time and space…or elsewhere

You do not truly succeed if you are taking advantage of others. When you hold people back, you prevent your own growth. To build, you must build everyone and everything you interact with. Everyone and everything you work with. When you build in this manner, each component becomes stronger for your benefit. Even if you achieve goals by taking advantage, you are holding yourself back from much more than this, you have reached a miniscule step upon a colossal ladder that leads to other than your best interest.

Things will not change unless you change them, you have to take an active role in anything you want to change. Even thinking or feeling differently about something is an active role.

By thinking or feeling differently towards something you change your perspective, and more change occurs.