Breath Into Your Gut

Breath into your Gut

Into your Depth

He didn’t know he could regain the health of the moment, security, by planting feet to the ground, breathing deep into the gut,

KNOWING we can always turnaround the situation.

By acknowledging what occurs – knowing that no matter what you rebound,

sharing this and allowing it for everyone else as potential, it becomes a dance

An endless dance that is ok if/when you stumble

Allowing yourself may bring up emotion to balance yourself. You must allow the emotion through your body. Then energy is unblocked.

Allow the feeling but keep your mind and soul with GOOD


Help me make the best contribution, the HAPPIEST contribution I can make

Give me the DESIRE to BE the best person I can be

Help me be grateful for so many blessings I Live every moment Every Day

Help me be as GRATEFUL as I can be


this will work out somehow