Life is a Sensational Ball of Mystery. Literally.

Chillin Oetics

Theres so much out there to explore.

Then again, theres so much in here to be grateful for.


This year 2016 I have been straightedge. This means no substances, such as tobacco, alcohol or THC. I am trying to make it through the rest of this year this way, which would be a miracle for me. I dont know if I could ever believe it except for the fact that I’m actually doing it.

I still feel the pull to alcohol sometimes. When I get lonely, or am exasperated by feeling stuck, or not knowing what direction to take, or what the heck I’m doing at the moment, I can feel the pull to put it all away for a bit with a drink.

But, I cant. I cannot drink again. Any more. Ever.

Not a sip. Nothing. Nada.

Ever. Ever. Again. Never. Ever. Ever. Never.

Please help me to stay sober, today. And all todays.



“Whatever You Can Get, You Can Unget”

I’m very happy that when the speaker of this talk asked “What do you need to get to be happy?”, I said “nothing.”

The word “get” triggered that this would be a dependency, and, I dont believe I need a dependency for happiness.

There may be situations that help, but no matter what, happiness is accessible, I think.

Easy for me to say in my apartment, secure, safe, warm, healthy, loved, ambitious, alive, and vibrant.

But, Thank God, it is easy for me to say.