Welcome to Spark the Flame!

This is the digital home of Spark the Flame: a source of inspiration for the public, bold authenticity and openness, and joint universal and spiritual exploration, from the precipice of my understanding.

My name is Orlando Fernandez. I was born and raised in Queens, NYC, USA.

My life journey is to live fully and meaningfully. For over 10 years I have dived into various sources of wisdom including forgotten texts, scholars, psychology and philosophies. But probably most important is that I am committed to living my best life possible, listening to the inner wisdom that comes from inside, and opening up to others so that we grow together. And so as I pour my heart out into this special content, I have faith for our shared growth.

Currently there is one self-published book, which can be downloaded for free here. But there are plenty of blog postings of inspirational quotes, personal thoughts, and things to keep the deeper part of mind interested 🙂

You can also purchase a beautiful hardcopy edition of the book from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This site now has a growing number of youtube videos, which you can also find on the Spark The Flame youtube channel.

Coming soon: Please consider supporting with a monthly $1 donation! Yes, that’s right! Just $1 a month would be a great help, so that at some point in the future I can provide this meaningful work full time.

To get to know me more, you can check out the live events.

Or you can check out the mixed youtube channel, or longer podcast / vlog episodes.

My intention is to connect and provide meaningful, positive value.

Thank you for coming!


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