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Spark The Flame is a permanent, growing source of inspiration, exploration, and human connection and authenticity. Spark The Flame provides:

  • Uplifting content, whether through my own videos, audios, and writings etc., or through other content that I find and share here
  • A source of unique theories of how the universe works and how healthiest to navigate it as human. I am an explorer of vast areas of philosophy, metaphysics, spiritual sources, etc., and I live these paths share them with you
  • My genuine, vulnerable, open personal experiences being shared so that others may relate and connect on very basic, authentic human levels

I am asking from you only $1 each month. That’s all! When we reach 10,000 people contributing $1 each month, I can work full time on Spark The Flame to create and provide more helpful, positive content than ever before.

My goal is to contribute to overall health for lives around the world.

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