Life Is Yours

What do I mean by Life Is Yours?

You are given Life, you are the caretaker and commander of your life. you decide what you want, based on your feelings. You could do things, live you r life for others, but that is your decision.

When you live the way you choose, you are taking control.

What do I mean, Your Own Path?

You are here to go your own way. not that you can’t or shouldn’t follow a path thats been taken before, but you have been given the gift of choice and decision.

You’ve got your self.

Essentially, you are always going to have yourself to keep you company. You are the only person that is guaranteed to always follow you around.

You have choice.

Everyone makes decisions all the time, every moment of the day.

You have decided to sit down and drink a coffee. Every moment you are exercising choice. When you pick up the cup, when you sip, when the cup is sitting on the table and you stare blankly out the window, these are all choices that you make.

Choice is fundamental. You always have choice.

If you are in a class, and  you need to pass, you have a choice to do the work or not

  • You’ve got yourself.
  • You’ve got choice.
  • You are always deciding, whether you know it or not.

  • Every decision affects you.

  • You are always affecting your life.

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