Quotes Trying To Not Drink

A Knock At The Door

“We must be watchful, especially in the beginning of temptation;

Because the enemy is easier overcome if he is not suffered to come in at all at the door of the mind, but is kept out at his first knock.

A certain man once said: “withstand the beginning, (because) after the ‘sickness’ has taken vigor from long delay, the remedies come too late”

For first a simple thought comes to mind, then a strong imagination, afterwards delight, and evil motion and consent;

And thus, little by little, the ‘wicked’ enemy gains full entrance when he is not resisted in the beginning;

And the longer a man is negligent in resisting, so much weaker does he daily become in himself and the enemy becomes stronger against him.”

-Thomas A’Kempis (14th century monk)

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