Spark A Flame Spark The Flame (el libro)


Oetics Spark A Flame

Just put something up.

To start the fires you must start small

Get something going happening

“Quick win”

Something meaningful

Not big

Not grand

Something real



Spark A Flame

A rhinoceros instinctively stamps out fires in the wild. S/he will run to it out of nowhere to put it out.

Spark A Flame

The Friction Method

The Bow Drill

“The friction method…depends on the fact that two pieces of wood rubbed together at speed will generate enough heat to produce carbonized particles and sparks, which will ignite a ball of dry tinder. The trick lies in not only getting the correct technique but also having the right mindset. You will probably come to understand this when you learn to make fire, and it is also true of other techniques of survival.”

Extreme Survival