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It’s not about the Details, it’s about your Perception of it

Do your best to give / bring good energy to the Family.

It’s not about the details, it’s about your perception of it.

It’s about the journey, the way. How are you experiencing the path?

Being humble and realizing that you Love everything that you Love, and you want to be Grateful for that.

It’s not about necessarily saying “Thank You”,

It’s about Appreciating what you have.

How do I honor the Path? Am I honoring the Path?

One way to honor the path is by doing the best you can do.

Honoring the family, by doing the best you can do with those connections.

Life Is Yours Spark the Flame - Long Podcast

Spark the Flame Podcast 26

Life Is Yours

Critical Thinking

I accept and believe evaluate whatever I’m told and taught

The world is round…can you prove it? Antarctica is very cold…how do you know? You have trusted what has been taught to you. Why? Because we are taught to do so. We are taught to accept what we are toldĀ and not to question it.

The opposite of this is called “Critical Thinking“. This is when you evaluate things that you are exposed to, so that you do not just blindly believe, but have thought it thru and have questioned the information. When you are a critical thinker you make far less mistakes in Life, because you evaluate the information you encounter.