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A Superior Man Always Assumes Complete Responsibility

“A superior man always assumes complete responsibility, knowing that, ultimately, he has no control at all and everything is out of his hands. He acts with impeccable courage and persistence, expecting nothing but the inherent feeling of completeness he enjoys in the fullest giving of his gift.”

The Way Of The Superior Man, by David Deida

This is interesting: how are you supposed to assume complete responsibility over everything that occurs in your life, while ultimately not having control over anything?

Life and I work together, as a team, as partners. Not opposing players, not antagonists, but partners. Who knows exactly how this plays out. What exactly the rules are.

But everything we think, and do, is woven into the web of experience. And is a part of the manifested universe. And yet if it so wishes, Life will catch us completely by surprise…

Critical Thinking

I accept and believe evaluate whatever I’m told and taught

The world is round…can you prove it? Antarctica is very cold…how do you know? You have trusted what has been taught to you. Why? Because we are taught to do so. We are taught to accept what we are told and not to question it.

The opposite of this is called “Critical Thinking“. This is when you evaluate things that you are exposed to, so that you do not just blindly believe, but have thought it thru and have questioned the information. When you are a critical thinker you make far less mistakes in Life, because you evaluate the information you encounter.