Chillin Interconnectivity

Knowing We Are All Equal In Value

I need your help for me to grow, get better. I need you to show me the energy of knowing that we are all equal in value.

Chillin Quotes

“So I would like to end this with a paragraph written by that young man, in a letter to his mother, the night before he was put to death.

…’and I want you all to remember — that you must not dream yourselves back to the times before the war, but the dream for you all, young and old, must be to create an ideal of human decency, and not a narrow-minded and prejudiced one. That is the great gift our country hungers for, something every little peasant boy can look forward to, and with pleasure feel he is a part of — something he can work and fight for.'”

This comes from the children’s book “Number The Stars” by Lois Lowry, and she is quoting the real-life letter of a leader of the Resistance in Denmark during Nazi occupation. His name: Kim Malthe-Bruun, and he was captured and executed by the Nazis at the age of 21.

Exponential Potential

You do not truly succeed if you are taking advantage of others. When you hold people back, you prevent your own growth. To build, you must build everyone and everything you interact with. Everyone and everything you work with. When you build in this manner, each component becomes stronger for your benefit. Even if you achieve goals by taking advantage, you are holding yourself back from much more than this, you have reached a miniscule step upon a colossal ladder that leads to other than your best interest.


Yes being respectful to yourself, and in the similar manner to others’ need to respect themselves, really makes for some good interpersonal feelings and connection


“What you do for another, you do for yourself.”

-Christine Horner