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Viktor Frankl and Aiming for the True Higher Potential

After uploading the most recent podcast, I ran into this short video of Viktor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning:

Also found online here:

He speaks about aiming for your greater potential to reach one’s true possibilities. Enjoy 🙂

You do not truly succeed if you are taking advantage of others. When you hold people back, you prevent your own growth. To build, you must build everyone and everything you interact with. Everyone and everything you work with. When you build in this manner, each component becomes stronger for your benefit. Even if you achieve goals by taking advantage, you are holding yourself back from much more than this, you have reached a miniscule step upon a colossal ladder that leads to other than your best interest.

Things will not change unless you change them, you have to take an active role in anything you want to change. Even thinking or feeling differently about something is an active role.

By thinking or feeling differently towards something you change your perspective, and more change occurs.

Spark The Flame

Spark The Flame. The Flame is within. An inner fire, that grows everytime you focus on it. This is the fire of your power, your power to affect your life and your world. Just like a physical fire, your flame affects everything it comes across, everything.

Spark The Flame, within yourself, and help to Spark the Flame in others. We are all matchstick figures, flammable to the highest degree.

It doesnt matter if a hundred, a thousand, or a million people have not accomplished what you dream of doing, they are not you. They have completely different lives, experiences, thoughts, and actions. Their shortcomings have no bearing on you, because this is your life, your story, your journey. Their story is done, yours is still being written. And you are the writer. You.

Power Perceived Is Power Acheived

You may have heard the phrase “Power perceived is Power acheived.” This is essentially correct, however grossly misused. When people use this phrase, they usually mean “Power perceived (by others), is Power acheived (within yourself).” Using that phrase in this way is erroneous, and will never lead you to true power. Rather, “Power perceived (within), is Power acheived (within).” True power only sprouts from within, and the way others perceive you will be a testament to exactly how much power you perceive within, yourself. And there is no end to it. Remember, dig deeper, and all you’ll find is more to find…you are a creation of the infinite…you are literally made of infinite parts, it is impossible to count your particles!

Your brain allows you to realize this, and when you realize that you are an infinite being, you realize that your potential is infinite as well. There is no limit to what you can do, because there is no limit to you!!!