“The force of the atom, is insignificant compared to the explosive force of human nature. The force we need to consider is that which  brought man from the darkness of the cave, to the lights of the cathedral. It’s the energy of man’s ambition striving eternally for a place in the sun. And it must be controlled, not by international agreement, nor by legislation destroying man’s freedom; it must be controlled by the individual himself. The formula is a simple one, is man too young to practice it? It is simply: The Golden Rule.  Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”

-Massland Family


Your perspective is one of your most powerful tools. Your perspective greatly influences your thoughts and actions towards something

Person A says “I cant jump this wall”

Person A Will not even try

Person B says “This wall is pretty damn tall, I might be able to jump it”

Person B Will try a few times

Person C says “I know I can jump this wall.”

Person C Will try until reaches success

Power Perceived Is Power Acheived

You may have heard the phrase “Power perceived is Power acheived.” This is essentially correct, however grossly misused. When people use this phrase, they usually mean “Power perceived (by others), is Power acheived (within yourself).” Using that phrase in this way is erroneous, and will never lead you to true power. Rather, “Power perceived (within), is Power acheived (within).” True power only sprouts from within, and the way others perceive you will be a testament to exactly how much power you perceive within, yourself. And there is no end to it. Remember, dig deeper, and all you’ll find is more to find…you are a creation of the infinite…you are literally made of infinite parts, it is impossible to count your particles!

Your brain allows you to realize this, and when you realize that you are an infinite being, you realize that your potential is infinite as well. There is no limit to what you can do, because there is no limit to you!!!