Chillin Reality Spark the Flame - Short Vlog

Spark the Flame – Short Vlog16 – Why these Difficulties? Gratitude Before Thought


“An easy and luxurious existence does not train men to effort or encounter with difficulty; nor does it awaken that consciousness of power which is so necessary for energetic and effective action in life.”

-Samuel Smiles

Grab An Idea !

Gamify Project Management

Gamification is the making of something into a game. Challenges, rewards etc.

A system where project management is gamified, made fun, rewarding, all real-time. Things are done. Better.


I Trust

I Trust.

Under me, there is granite. Solid, ground.

No matter the turbulence of the storm, there is ground under me.

I must trust, so that I may stand.

If I must weather the challenges, I trust they are necessary for me to accomplish and complete the righteous goal.

I Trust.