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Be Surprised in Life and Enjoy It

Allowing / Appreciating versus Pulling / Feeding:

If I find myself energetically feeding on someone, whether feeding through their body or some other way, and I tell myself and get myself to stop, I find that it equates to a change from taking to allowing. And inevitably that allowing transforms into or invites my appreciation.

So that got me thinking: if I did more appreciating of how things turn out and allowing instead of pulling, then I’d be more open to how Life wants to turn out, and I think I would be more aligned with the purpose and meaning of Life, which may be to: be surprised and enjoy it.

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The Wound is the Place Where Light Enters You

“The wound is the place where light enters you”


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Doesn’t Have To Be Forced

Doesn’t have to be forced

– Latif

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the false ego wants power

the natural being arrives at Grace naturally


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Everything Moves At Its Own Pace

Everything moves at its own pace.

If you observe nature, both living and “non”, you notice everything has a time, seasons, currents, and its own way.