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There is No Ultimate Arrival

“There is no ultimate arrival. Only continual reflection, failure, refinement, and re-commitment.”

-John Wineland, from his book “From the Core: A New Masculine Paradigm for Leading with Love, Living Your Truth & Healing the World”

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I do not Seek. I Find.

Referring to Pablo Picasso’s quote “I do not seek. I find” – and how the concept helps me perceive and appreciate the beauty of what is already here, and trying to reduce the ‘chase’.

When I chase certain things, they can be like forms and shapes in a cloud far away – as I get nearer the form disappears and what I thought was there turns out to be an illusion. Instead of chasing / seeking, we can ‘find’ what is here right in front of us, or beside us and around us. Instead of pursuing far away, we can open our senses and experience what we have been brought together with that exist with us right here.


You don’t have to be where you think you want to be in order to be happy. You just gotta be on the way to where you want to be in order to be happy.

-“Abraham Hicks”

Life Is Yours

Things are meant to change. People are meant to change. Growth is change and so is death. When something outlives its usefulness and purpose, it must go. Empires lasting hundreds of years eventually fallen. Languages and cultures and lifestyles have gone so that new ones may arise. Change is a part of life, and humans are agents of that change. Over millennia we’ve affected and changed the outcomes of countless species of plants and animals, and terrain. Dinosaurs roamed the Earth for millions of years, millions! By comparison it’s estimated homo sapiens have been around for 200,000. Now the dinosaurs are gone.

Things change, people change. You cannot prevent yourself from affecting and changing the world. Just by living, you affect the entire planet

Your power is the power of growth and change. You embody the agent of change, if you were to but direct it on to your ambition, change occurs with every single step. And when your path converges on others with the same ambition with same direction of change, the results are amplified manyfold. Things canot remain the same so long as you are discontent. Change is your right, your nature, your duty.

Any way you cut it, you are on a journey. And you are the only one who can decide what this journey will entail. This is similar to the journey of a role playing game, except the game exists in a world of limitation, and you do not.

Our world is without limitation, without boundary, and is awaiting your commands. You have the choices; the power and the duty to create change. You are living an entire lifetime of experiences exclusive to you. You are the Captain, you are in control. Now you decide…what’s next?


Spirituality and being open your foundation

Go on the journey, what you require will come.

Shouldve followed thru with the impulse because whatever happens is gonna be good anyway as long as youre feeling good

Exponential Potential

It doesnt matter if a hundred, a thousand, or a million people have not accomplished what you dream of doing, they are not you. They have completely different lives, experiences, thoughts, and actions. Their shortcomings have no bearing on you, because this is your life, your story, your journey. Their story is done, yours is still being written. And you are the writer. You.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

-Lao Tzu