Trying To Not Drink

Bullets in a Revolver

Bullets in a Revolver

Drinking is like a

revolver, with bullets

in some, you dont know

how many bullets and you

dont know how many


You prob get a feel for the

# of bullets + chambers based

on Karma, or your actions

Life Is Yours

Your Own Path

So you are born. That’s happened to us all. Well some say Jesus was ‘begotten,’ but you were most likely born.

Now what? You go thru life. You choose what to do, every second of everyday.

Some may think that they do not have a choice, but really ‘choice’ is a fundamental part of our existence.

You exercise choice all your life. we may think we have no choice in certain things, go to school, go to family gathering, sell drugs to make ends meet.

Who’s In Charge?

Who was born? You were born. You were born and put in charge of your body, and mind. Who is at the helm? Who controls the motor functions of your body? And the subject matter of your mental focus? You do. You are in charge of yourself. You decide how + when to move muscles, you decide what to put your mind onto.

Like it or not, you are in charge of your mind and body. I would hope you like it, because with such tools, the human mind and body, you can steer yourself any way you like.

You are in charge of these things, you have the potential to be in control of these things. We are born this way, so that those would become under our control. Does it make sense any other way? Are we meant to be in control of ourselves? Are you meant to be in control of yourself?


Exponential Potential

You must always be willing to learn, because when you stop learning you also stop growing


“One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.”

-Salvador Dali

Spark A Flame

The Friction Method

The Bow Drill

“The friction method…depends on the fact that two pieces of wood rubbed together at speed will generate enough heat to produce carbonized particles and sparks, which will ignite a ball of dry tinder. The trick lies in not only getting the correct technique but also having the right mindset. You will probably come to understand this when you learn to make fire, and it is also true of other techniques of survival.”

Extreme Survival


“Doubt is not a very agreeable status, but certainly is a ridiculous one.”


Electron Dot Diagram

electrons exist in state of pure vibrating possibility

Using The Brain

The external doesnt necessarily have to directly affect you to be influenced. Like a Full Moon. The Full Moon doesnt physically have to turn people into monsters, or somehow change how they act. People will look at the sky and say “Oh look, it’s a Full Moon tonight, let’s do something crazy!” People do it themselves. And police reports will tell you that crime and wayward behavior generally increase on a Full Moon. But regardless of any direct affects of the moon itself, people will change their own behavior, their own thoughts and actions, solely on the fact that the moon is full, and what that means to them.

Your brain is very much like a lump of clay, where you can actively mold it to be whatever you want. With time and effort, your brain will take the form of anything you can imagine. The brain of a hero, the brain of a writer, the brain of a president…anything you can imagine, you can become. The brain is your tool, your physical tool that creates these realities.

The brain has to work this way, otherwise humans could have never come as far as we have. We needed to adapt and transform ourselves into what was necessary to survive, succeed, and excel/surpass.

When you change your brain, your brain changes you. It changes how you think and how you act. These in turn change your life. To grasp full control, you must be aware of the status of your  brain, how it is being shaped in this moment, and if this coincides with the results you wish to have.

Remember, your brain is modifiable like clay, not permanent like concrete. Every day the brain changes. You might as well learn to use it.

Using The Brain

You have to keep doing it, and trust that it is working inside of you. Like a seed, you cant sitr up the ground the day after you planted it, you have to let it surface without disturbance, without doubt. Take care of it, continue to feed it and provide the correct environment, and it will show itself..

Life Is Yours

You are not going to make anybody else happy. Why? Only they can make themselves happy.You have to act on your own desires, your own wants. You could be doing great by everyone else’s standards and comments, but if you are not personally happy with what you’re doing, then what is the point?

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to be a star quarterback for the NFL, thati is your dream. Instead, you’ve ended up as the starting pitcher for the New York Yankees. Everyone is so proud, so admiring, and in awe, of your achievement. You make millions, and you are starting pitcher for the Yankees.

Yet, that is not what you want. That is what others may want; some may want it for themselves, some may want it for you. But that is not what you want for you. People congratulate you and say that you have succeeded in life, yet you are at a place where you do not want to be.

Therefore, if you are not aiming for what you want for yourself, for what you desire, then at least ask yourself why. Why are you aiming for something you do not want?

Maybe your reason(s) will satisfy you, maybe they wont. Maybe you cant think of any.

The decision is yours. Because this life is yours, you have the choice to do what you like with your life. And so you have a choice, do what you want, or do what you dont want.

Aim for what you want, or aim for what you dont want.


loving kindness meditation

“If anyone has hurt me or harmed me knowingly or unknowingly in thought, word or deed, I freely forgive them.

And I too ask forgiveness if I have hurt anyone or harmed anyone knowingly or unknowingly in thought, word, or deed.”

-Theravada Buddhism


“What we call ‘I’ is just a swinging door which moves when we inhale and exhale.

-Shunryu Suzuki

Life Is Yours

What do I mean by Life Is Yours?

You are given Life, you are the caretaker and commander of your life. you decide what you want, based on your feelings. You could do things, live you r life for others, but that is your decision.

When you live the way you choose, you are taking control.

What do I mean, Your Own Path?

You are here to go your own way. not that you can’t or shouldn’t follow a path thats been taken before, but you have been given the gift of choice and decision.

You’ve got your self.

Essentially, you are always going to have yourself to keep you company. You are the only person that is guaranteed to always follow you around.

You have choice.

Everyone makes decisions all the time, every moment of the day.

You have decided to sit down and drink a coffee. Every moment you are exercising choice. When you pick up the cup, when you sip, when the cup is sitting on the table and you stare blankly out the window, these are all choices that you make.

Choice is fundamental. You always have choice.

If you are in a class, and  you need to pass, you have a choice to do the work or not

  • You’ve got yourself.
  • You’ve got choice.
  • You are always deciding, whether you know it or not.

  • Every decision affects you.

  • You are always affecting your life.


The Will to Survive

An excerpt from Extreme Survival:

“Over the years much research has been conducted into why it should be that some people can survive a life-threatening situation when other in the same situation are overwhelmed. Often it is not the strongest or those with the best equipment who make it, although these things undoubtedly make a big difference. Unequivocally, the same conclusion is always reached: the difference between living or dying lies in the mind. The power of mind, the resilience of the human spirit, an unshakable optimism and a mental readiness to handle the unexpected are vital in the ultimate survival situations.

“Naturally some people have these qualities in abundance, but not all. Happily there are skills that can be learned to help us achieve the necessary mental strength. Just as we can repeate movement, like the running action or biceps curl, to make our bodies physically fitter, so the same principle can also be applied to the mind. But as with getting our bodies fitter, we have to work at it and repeat the action to increase our performance.

“…The conclusion I have drawn from my experience…is that training the mind allows us to cope with situations that take us way beyond any mental or physical pain threshold we may have set ourselves, and that these mental skills, once learned, can be applied to all survival situations.

“…The two most important mental strength-building skills that can be developed can be summed up in two words – visualization and attitude.”

-Debra Searle